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Make the dream come true

Ingeborg and William Oluka own and operate Alakara Travels. William comes from Uganda, and Ingeborg has lived in the country for several years. Together, we know Uganda very well! For many years we have welcomed guests from Norway and other countries, and based on that experience we started Alakara Travels in 2018.

With Alakara Travels, you get to go to places off the beaten track, and get to know people and local communities who live in a completely different reality to that at home. Throw yourself into the dance, join us in the fields, listen to stories around the fire in the evening!

Alakara Travels offers group tours and tailor made tours in Uganda. On the organized group tours, Ingeborg or William is the tour leader. On the tailor made tours you will travel with one of our experienced and professional drivers. On a trip with us, you get to experience many aspects of Ugandan culture, beautiful nature, music, dance, food, everyday life, wildlife, bird life, and much more.

Alakara Travels collaborates with locally based service providers. We choose our partners carefully, and place particular emphasis on finding those who work consciously and purposefully to contribute to the development of sustianable tourism that contributes to economic opportunities for the host communities, and conservation of the unique flora and fauna of Uganda. 

In this way, you as a tourist are contribute to development, job creation and growth in some of Uganda's most marginalized areas.

This is how we make the dream come true - both for you as a traveller, and for individuals and local communities in Uganda!

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