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ALAKARA GUEST HOUSE, a haven of Napak.

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

On a drive along the dusty roads of Karamoja, through the vast savannah grasslands of a de-gazetted wildlife reserve of the Karamoja region in Northeastern Uganda, Uganda unfolds herself to you in her very most original and authentic self. The beautiful traditional village settings usher you to a thrilling admiration of real African villages; barely influenced by modernity. These are characterised by traditionally crafted and thatched grass huts/ homesteads that are scattered far from each other. With less economic activity going on, almost no sound pollution apart from the melody of birds or herds of cattle and a car or two driving along the murram roads.

Located in Kobulin village, Napak District is the Alakara Guest house and Okra farm. If you are wondering about where to find solace and rest from the chaos of the city life, a retreat at the farm would be an ideal option. With a total number of five beautiful grass thatched huts, Alakara Guest house provides accommodation for up to 18 people. Our professional chef serves deliciously tasty meals and cold drinks to ensure that you enjoy your stay in every way. We are devoted to giving our visitors an experience that makes them feel comfortable and at home by providing clean and comfortable accommodation, tasty food, a well maintained environment, cheerful and welcoming staff that is always at your service.

Well, you can't come to Okra Farm and Alakara Guest House and get bored, as there are a variety of different activities to choose from. One could choose to herd the cows and goats to their shelter, join the herdsmen in milking the cows, go for village walks , join the traditional dances, visit the village markets or perhaps attend a Church service on a Sunday. Alakara Guest House is a perfect starting point for a safari to Kidepo Valley National Park or Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve.

Through development of tourism in Northeastern Uganda, Alakara aims at developing Karamoja for tourism, preserving the cultural heritage of the people of this region, contributing to wildlife and nature conservation, creating employment opportunities and giving visitors a great experience in one of Uganda's best preserved traditional societies.

A stay at our guest house will not only give you an experience in an organic atmosphere but also help you appreciate the different values of life of other people, beautiful sceneries. Alakara guest house welcomes you .

For any extra information and bookings contact us today!

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