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Food workshop at Okra Farm

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

How do you actually cook in rural Uganda? The class from Nordhordland folk high school got a small taste of that when they joined a food workshop at Okra Farm!

Since we visited in the dry season, it was not so easy to get hold of the various types of green leafy vegetables that are commonly eaten. Therefore, we have to travel a couple of kilometres from the farm to find a certain type of acacia tree, which has leaves that can be cooked and eaten for lunch. We got help from two young girls in the neighbourhood, who could do this! One of the girls easily climbs the tree, with a large machete in hand. Then she starts cutting off branches, while we stand on the ground picking the leaves and filling up the bucket we have with us. By the time we are back at the farm, it is already dark. We sit with headlamps and clean the leaves, because they've got to be boiled that night, if they are to be good to eat the next day!

And before we leave for the evening, we also have to make a cooking pit for sweet potatoes, so that they can be ready for breakfast tomorrow!

It is already clear to us that cooking in the village is a lot of work! After breakfast, where we get to taste the sweet potatoes that stayed in the cooking pit overnight, it is time to really start learning how to cook here in this part of Uganda.

Betty is a cook at Okra farm, and knows a lot about both traditional food and modern cooking. Today she takes us on a journey, from how the women collect wood, light a fire, grind grain with a millstone, and crush it in a mortar. We cut, peel and clean. It is not easy for us who are not used to it!

The respect for those who prepare food for us during our stay at Okra farm grows with each passing minute - because this is a lot of work! During the morning we will also hear stories about women's everyday life, listen to traditional songs they sing while they grind flour on the millstone, see, feel and taste foods we have never heard of before.

After several hours of work, it's finally time for a well-deserved, homemade lunch!

Would you like to experience village life at Okra farm? Then you can join Alakara travels on a trip! Contact us today for a chat about your dream trip!

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