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We tailor your dream trip in Uganda!

Do you dream of going on safari, walking in the rainforest, tracking gorillas, rafting on the Nile, cycling in Karamoja, hiking Mount Elgon, experiencing village life, city life, beach holiday, coffee trip or something else entirely? Do you want to combine wonderful nature experiences with getting close to culture and daily life? No matter which of Uganda's many attractions you dream of - we at Alakara travel are ready to create YOUR dream trip!

We can make a trip for one, or for many. We know the country well and can give suggestions for both well-known and more unknown attractions.

We emphasize using accommodation, drivers and local guides who give that little extra - so that you get to know this wonderful country and the people who are referred to as Africa's friendliest people a little better. Our partners are passionate about giving you as a guest the best experience, at the same time making sure that our visit benefits local communities, wildlife and nature. 

Contact us today for a chat about your dream trip in Uganda! 

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