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Uganda is a country of enormous variety in landscape, climate, wildlife, bird life, culture and language. Here you will find some of our favorite places as inspiration. Get in touch for a chat about your dream trip - we tailor all trips every time!


Northeast Uganda is sometimes called "Uganda's best kept secret". North-eastern Uganda is Alakara travel's home ground - no other travel agency has as good an insight and overview of this part of the country! Here you can experience untouched nature, beautiful landscapes, unique wildlife, great mountain walks, and encounter a diversity of exciting cultures in Uganda's most remote corner. If you travel to north-east Uganda, you will get close to both nature and culture, far from most other tourists. Kidepo national park has been named one of Africa's most beautiful safari parks several times, and here you really get the feeling of being alone in the wilderness! 


In the far east of Uganda, on the border with Kenya, you find Mount Elgon, Uganda's second highest mountain at 4321 m above sea level. Here you can join everything from small trips of a few hours, or a four to five day hike to the peak, through different landscapes and climate zones. In Eastern Uganda we also find Jinja, known as East Africa's "adventure capital". There are many opportunities here for those who want a real adrenaline kick!


Western Uganda has a lot to offer! From savannas and lakes, to deep forests and high mountains. 

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