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Currency, withdrawal and payment

In Uganda, Ugandan shillings are mainly used. The abbreviation is UGX. ​

As a rule of thumb, 1000 UGX is about 2.5 kroner. 

In other words - you will shop so the thousands flutter :) 

At typical tourist locations, prices are quoted in US dollars, USD. You can usually also pay in shillings, euros or pounds, but often at a bad exchange rate. 

In regular shops, restaurants and markets you must use shillings. 

A lot has happened in recent years when it comes to the possibility of paying by card, and ATMs can now be found in all cities of a certain size. 

If you withdraw dollars in Norway before you travel, you must make sure that these are not older than 2006, and you should have notes of 10 dollars or more. If you exchange 1-dollar notes, you get a very bad exchange rate - and some places will not accept payment in small dollar notes. 

There is no need to change before you travel. In Entebbe, where the airport is, you will find several ATMs. As long as you are not going to withdraw large amounts, it is most convenient to withdraw money from an ATM. 

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